Threads design tip for CNC machining


Thread features on your parts will come out much better if your design allows you to follow some standard CNC machining guidelines.


For the size of threads a minimum of M2 should be observed with HLHs recommendation of M6 or larger. HLH can accommodate and cut a range of different thread types, most common are metric threads, but imperial UNC and UNF, pipe threads and other standards are also achievable with a preference for metric.




All threads and details should be clearly marked on your engineering drawing, this sometimes gets overlooked. The length of your threads are recommended to be 3x the hole diameter. If you have any other questions about designing threads for CNC machining then email our rapid project team today [email protected]


Follow this design tip and other tips coming up to achieve a part design that is well suited for CNC machining. Below is some further CNC machining guidance which may help you with designing a successful part for CNC machining.


Shbury Max CNC Machining Size: 600x1200x850mm



High speed

High dimensional accuracy

Great surface finish

Wide material selection

High volumes

Rapid prototypes



It can be expensive for complex

parts and for larger parts.


Tolerances: ISO 2768-1 states the tightest tolerances possible as standard are +/- 0.05mm for metals or +/- 0.2mm for plastics. Tighter tolerances should be discussed case by case.


Surface Finishes


Sand blasting


Plating & More


Popular Materials

Metal SS304, 316

Aluminium 6061, 7075  

plastic ABS,PC,Plus many more


Tips and Tricks

Radius internal corners

Loosen tolerances where possible

Keep features perpendicular to the six sides

Reduce the number of setups

Keep it simple