What is the accuracy of the current CNC machine tools? How big is the difference between China and foreign countries.


The level of a machine tool depends on its repeat positioning accuracy. If the repeat positioning accuracy of a machine tool can reach 0.005mm (ISO standard.



Statistical method) is a high-precision machine tool. Below 0.005mm (ISO standard., statistical method), it is an ultra-high-precision machine tool. High-precision machine tools must have the best bearings and lead screws.




When talking about the "precision" of CNC machine tools, it is important to clarify the definition and calculation methods of standards and indicators.



JISB6201 or JISB6336 or JISB6338 standards are usually adopted when the Japanese machine tool production trademark defines "precision". JISB6201 is generally used for general-purpose machine tools and ordinary CNC machine tools,


JISB6336 is generally used for machining centers, and JISB6338 is generally used for vertical machining centers. The above three standards are basically the same when defining position accuracy.


This article only takes JIS B6336 as an example, because on the one hand, the standard is relatively new, and on the other hand, it is slightly more accurate than the other two standards.



European machine tool manufacturers, especially German manufacturers, generally adopt the VDI/DGQ3441 standard.



American machine tool manufacturers usually adopt the NMTBA (National Machine Tool Builder's Assn) standard (the standard is derived from a study by the American Machine Tool Manufacturers Association,



The dimensional accuracy and shape and position accuracy of typical parts processed by the machining center are taken as an example to compare the level at home and abroad. The China domestic level is roughly 0.008~0.010mm. Shbury's CNC machines precision usually can achieve 0.01-0.02mm,if you have related precision cnc machining parts need to make feel free to contact[email protected]