Super precision Precision machining technology


Why has precision machining always attracted attention? Taking a submarine as an example, the positioning can be verified after diving for a period of time, but if the accuracy of the gyroscope bracket is high enough, the submarine does not need to come out.

This high-precision bracket can only be processed by ultra-precision machine tools. This article show the importance of precision machining.


 The top-level slow-moving wire processing technology, the top-level slow-moving wire processing machine tool represents the highest level at present, the precision of the processed parts is very high, and it can be guaranteed to be within ±0.002 ......


The slow-moving wire processing machine tools are divided into four grades: top-grade, high-grade, mid-grade and entry-level.


1. Top slow-moving wire processing machine


The machining accuracy of this type of machine tool can be guaranteed within ±0.002 mm, the highest machining efficiency can reach 400500 mm2/min, and the surface roughness can reach Ra0.05μm. It has perfect processing surface quality, and the surface has almost no deterioration layer. Use Φ0.02 electrode wire for micro-finishing, most of the main machine has a heat balance system, and some machine tools use cutting in oil. This type of machine tool has complete functions and high degree of automation. It can directly complete the precision machining of the mold, and the service life of the processed mold has reached the level of mechanical grinding.

2. High-grade slow-moving wire processing machine tool


This type of machine tool has automatic wire threading function, non-resistance anti-electrolysis power supply, and overall thermal constant system. It can use Φ0.07 electrode wire for cutting, with an accuracy of ±0.003 , and the maximum processing efficiency can reach more than 300 2/min , The surface roughness can reach Ra<0.2μm, and it has the functions of detecting the change of the workpiece section in a timely manner and optimizing the discharge power in real time. This type of machine tool is also widely used in precision stamping die processing.

3. Mid-range slow-moving wire processing machine tool


This machine tool generally adopts non-resistance and anti-electrolysis power supply, with water-immersion machining and taper cutting functions. The highest practical processing efficiency is 150200 2/min, the best surface roughness reaches Ra<0.4μm, and the cutting accuracy can reach ±0.005. Generally, electrode wires of Φ0.1and above are used for cutting. The collision protection system can avoid collision damage caused by programming errors or misoperations, and is equipped with or optional automatic threading mechanism.


 4. Entry-level slow-moving wire processing machine This machine tool generally uses the cutting-one-repairing and cutting-one-repairing processes, which can stably achieve a surface finish of about Ra0.8μm and a processing accuracy of ±0.008mm. Most of them can only use electrode wires of 0.15mm and above for cutting and processing. There is a certain gap between the surface microstructure and corners and advanced machine tools.

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