Medical Infusion Pump Housing Rapid Prototypes


Microcomputer system is the "brain" of the whole system, intelligent control and management of the whole system, and processing of detection signals, generally using single-chip computer system.  For example, the infusion pump adopts a highly integrated 32-bit ARMCPU system to fully control the infusion process, and adopts dual CPU to ensure the safety of the system.  

Pump device is the "heart" of the whole system, is the power source of liquid delivery medical infusion pump is generally used as the power source of finger peristaltic pump.  Finger-like peristaltic pump is used to rotate the roller, so that certain parts of the infusion pump pipeline are squeezed, producing peristalsis, so as to push the liquid forward flow.  Finger - like peristaltic pump has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, accurate quantification and convenient loading and unloading of infusion tube, and is most widely used.  The pump has a camshaft with multiple cams that move at different angles. Each CAM is connected to a finger-like slider.  

When working, the camshaft is driven by the stepper motor to rotate, so that the slider moves up and down in a certain order and movement rule, and the intravenous infusion tube is squeezed like a wave in turn, so that the liquid in the infusion tube flows at a certain speed.  Finger - like peristaltic pump is more accurate and can control the amount and speed of infusion in a large range.  When the number of the "fingers" more than 8 (12), the linearity of the pump is good, the infusion is not easy to generate pulse, the infusion pump with safety and stability monitoring devices are mainly a variety of sensors, infusion pump equipped with infrared drop several sensors, sensors, pressure sensor and ultrasonic bubbles respectively used for fluid flow velocity and flow rate and pressure of blockage and leakage and  Bubble detection.  

Alarm system is the sensor induction signal by microcomputer processing, alarm control signal, and then the alarm device response, cause people's attention, while the correct processing.  With photoelectric alarm and sound alarm functions, it can alarm abnormal situations such as power failure, pump door not closed, low temperature, infusion completion, battery underpressure, pipeline blockage and bubble in pipeline during infusion process.  Input and display device input part is responsible for setting infusion parameters, such as infusion volume and infusion speed, etc.  The display part is responsible for displaying the parameters and the current working status.