What are the parts suitable for CNC lathe processing?


1, CNC instrument lathe is suitable for processing parts with high accuracy requirements. Due to the high manufacturing accuracy of CNC lathe, good rigidity, more accurate to the knife, and convenient size compensation, it can process workpiece with high dimensional accuracy requirements.  


2, CNC instrument lathe is suitable for processing those parts whose contour shape is more complex, any plane curve can be approximated by straight line or arc, CNC lathe has the function of arc interpolation, so CNC lathe can not only process the linear rotation body, but also can process the linear rotation body for curve.  


3, CNC instrument lathe is suitable for many varieties of small and medium-sized batch parts, with the gradual decline of CNC lathe manufacturing cost, now whether it is domestic or foreign, processing large quantities of parts has also appeared.  When processing small batch and single piece production, if you can shorten the debugging time of the program, that is, outside the machine programming and debugging and tooling, that is, the preparation time of the knife, quantity and fixture can also be selected.  


4, CNC instrument lathe is suitable for processing surface roughness of small zero.  In the case of workpiece and tool materials, finishing allowance and tool Angle are certain, the surface roughness depends on cutting speed and feed speed.  An ordinary lathe has a constant speed.  Different diameter, different cutting speed, that is, linear velocity, and numerical control lathe cutting function has constant linear velocity, surfacing, different diameter cylindrical can use the same linear velocity, ensure that the surface roughness value is small and consistent, the surface of the variation of surface roughness in turning, small surface roughness with small feed speed, roughness of surface and the use of larger feed rate,  The variability is very good, which is difficult to achieve in ordinary lathes. 

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